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Dr. Ir. Sahara, M.Sc







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Dr. Ir. Sahara, M.Sc
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Tebing Tinggi, South Sumatera, Indonesia
Date of birth


May 13th, 1974






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Department of Economics. Faculty of Economics and Management. Bogor Agricultural University. Jl Lingkar Kampus Gd. Wing Rektorat. Lt 3. Phone/Fax: +62-251-626602E-mail  :


Teaching Staff and Researcher at the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Management, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Indonesia.







Bachelor (Ir) Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Indonesia


Agricultural Economics

Master (MSc) Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Indonesia


Agricultural Economics

PhD University of Adelaide, Australia


Food and Business


Research Experiences




Kajian Penetapan Besaran Billing Rate Tenaga Ahli Jasa Konsultansi


Studi Kelayakan Pembangunan Pusat Perantoran Kabupaten Mahakam Ulu, Propinsi Kalimantan Timur


Financial Inclusion (PNPM)


Markets for high-value commodities in Indonesia: promoting competitiveness and inclusiveness”


The Impact of Economic Crisis on  the Indonesian Manufacture Industry


The Performance of the Indonesian Manufacture Industry


Constructing a Regional Planning Model Based on the Key Sectors.


Constructing a Regional Computable General Equilibrium to Evaluate National and Local Economy Performance in Indonesia.


Modeling an Indonesian Dynamic Computable General Equilibrium for Banking Sector


The Impact of Macroeconomic Variable Changes on Industrial Sectors


The Impact of Private and Government Investment on the Industries and Regional Growth in Indonesia


Socio-Economic Studieso Sustainable Development In Cidanau Watershed, Serang District, Banten Province


Situation Analysis and a Review of Investment Appraisals in Indonesia Government Policies, Natural Resources and the Environments: Analyzing Paths to Sustainability in Indonesia Project (phase 1)


The Impact of Trade Facilitation on ASEAN Intra-Regional Trade


Technical change in Thai and Indonesian Agriculture: Measurement, Socio-Economic Impact and Policy Implications


Improving Resource Use of Efficiency in the Coconut Industry of North Sulawesi and its National Implications


The Impact of Fiscal Policy on Indonesian Macroeconomic Performance, Agricultural Sector and Poverty Incidences (A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis


Analysis of Input-Output Table in Bogor City


The Reformation of Banking Industry and Its Implication on Indonesian Macro Economy, Agricultural Sector and Poverty Incidences


Analysis of Farming Enterprise in Ciampea Subdistrict, West Java Province


The Role of Female Vendors on Their Household Economy in Tangerang District


Scientific Publications

 Sahara. 2012. The transformation of modern food retailers in Indonesia: opportunities and challenges for small farmers. PhD thesis, The University of Adelaide, Australia.

Sahara, Amos Gyau, Randy Stringer and Wendy Umberger. 2011. Farmer-trader Relationships in the Indonesian Chili Markets:  the Role of Relationship Quality in Modern and Traditional Supply Chains. Paper Presented at AARES Conference, Melbourne, 7 – 11 February 2011.

Sahara. 2007. The Impact an Increasing Electricity Tariff on Indonesian Agriculture Sector in the Long Run and Short Run. “Caraka Tani” Journal, Vol XXII No 1, March 2007; Page 36-41.

Sahara and Rina Oktaviani. 2006. The Impact of Productivity Increases in Agricultural and Banking Sectors on Macroeconomic and Sectoral Performance and Its Distribution Income.  IMPASJA Journal, Vol II, No 2, September 2006; Page 63-75.

Sahara. 2006. Increasing in the Fishery’s Export Industry and Its Impact on Income Distribution and Sectoral Performance in Indonesia. “Agrokultur” Journal, Vol 3, No 5, Juli-Desember 2006.

Oktaviani, R, Hakim,D.B, Siregar, H. and Sahara.  2005.  The Impact of Reducing Oil Subsidy on Indonesian Macroeconomic Performance, Agricultural Sector and Poverty Incidences (A Recursive Dynamic Computable General Equilibrium Analysis).  Paper Presented at Ecomod Conference, Turkey, 29 Juny – 2 July 2005.

Oktaviani and Sahara.  2005. The Impact of an Increase Fuel Price on Agriculture Sectors and Household in Indonesia. Agro-Economic Journal Number 1, Year XXXV, April  2005

Oktaviani, R, Sahara, Eka Puspitawati.  2005.  CGE Model and Result of Fuel Simulations. Tempo Newspaper, Tuesday Edition, March 22nd, 2005, page 2.

Oktaviani, R, Sahara, Benjamin, Lynn Henry.  2005.  The Coconut Industry and Its Impact on Indonesian Economy.  Paper presented at Australian Conference Agricultural and Resource Economics Society, Coffs Harbour, February 9th-11th, 2005.

Oktaviani, R, and Sahara.  2005.  The Impact of an Increase Fuel Price on Indonesia Macro Economy Performance and Poverty Incidences (an Analyses of Computable General Equilibrium).  Paper Presented at INDEF Conference, Jakarta, January 25st,  2005.

Oktaviani, R, Wahida and Sahara.  2004.  The Impact of Agricultural Productivity Growth on Income Structure, Employment, Sectoral and Macroeconomic Variables of Indonesia Economy. Mimbar Sosek Journal 17 (3): 24-56.

Oktaviani, R, and Sahara.  2004.  Rice , Food Security and World Trade Organization.   Mimbar Sosek Journal, 17 (2): 1-24.

Oktaviani, R, Sahara, Wahida. 2004. The Impact of Agricultural Productivity Growth on Income Structure, Employment, Sectoral and Macroeconomic Variables of Indonesian Economy, Paper Presented at Workshop on Technical Change in Thai and Indonesian Agriculture: Measurement, socio-economic Impact and Policy Implications, funded by ACIAR, Bangkok, 10th-11th August 2004

Sahara and Resosudarmo, B. P.  1998. The Role of Manufacturing Sector on Economy Performance in DKI Jakarta Province : an Analyze Input-Output Table, BPPT Magazine  LXXXVIII/ August 1998.



  1. Bahasa Indonesia
  2. English : fluent



These persons are familiar with my professional qualifications and my characters:


 Prof. Randy Stringer

Dissertation Supervisor

Agriculture and Food Policy

School of Agriculture, Food and Wine

University of Adelaide   Phone:            +49551-393901 Fax:            +49551-393976

Australia 5064                e-mail:


 Prof. Rina Oktaviani

Master Supervisor,

Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Economics and Management

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)

Jl. Lingkar Kampus                                 Phone/Fax:  +62-251 626602

Kampus IPB Dramaga

West Java            , Indonesia                             e-mail:

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