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 Bank BRI (Grants)

Book review: The Micro Finance Revolution Volume 2: Lesson from Indonesia by Dr. Marguirete S. Robinson.

 The Asia Foundation (Grants)

Assistance the Local Governments of Purwakarta and Cirebon to Implementing Regulatory Impact Assessment.

 Ministry of Agriculture (Commissioned research)

Estimation of illegal trade in animal products 

 Ministry of Youth and Sport Training:

Partnership for Young Entrepreneur 

 Ministry of Industry

Training on Input-Output Analysis 


 Bank Mandiri (grant)

Monetary and Banking Outlook: Beyond Stabilization and Consolidation 

 Philanthropic Grant (PG)

All IPB Rice Summit

 Bank Indonesia (commissioned research)

Perception, Preferences of Society and Financial Institutions on Cashless Payment System 

 Bank Indonesia (commissioned research)

Analysis of Impact Fiscal decentralization on Local Economics and Financial Sector Performance 

 Bank Indonesia (commissioned research)

Growth and Unemployment Paradox in Indonesia: Existences, Implications and Its Solutions

 PT. Lippo Bank Tbk (commissioned research)

Study on Regional Economy: implications for deposit and credit expansion

 Indonesian Economist Association

Agriculture and Development: issues and policies 

 Bank Indonesia

Training on Panel Data Analysis 


 University of Adelaide, Australia

Religious Institution, social capital and local governance: case study madrasahs in Indonesia 

 Gottingen University, Germany

Current issues in economic development 

 Bank Indonesia (commissioned research)

Analysis of Rural Banking efficiency 

 Bank Indonesia (commissioned research)

Credit with Non-physical Collateral for Community Banks (BPR)

 Bank Indonesia (commissioned research)

Banking Intermediation: Problems and Solutions 

 Bank Indonesia (commissioned research)

Property Industry Sector: Development of Early Warning System

 Bank Indonesia (commissioned research)

Survey on saving composition used for payment

 Philanthropic Grant (PG)

Impact of Social Capital on Islamic Microfinance Repayment Rate 

 Philanthropic Grant (PG)

Impact of New York Stock Exchange on Indonesia Islamic Capital Market 

 Philanthropic Grant (PG)

Comparative Performance Analysis between Conventional and Islamic Capital Market in Indonesia 

 Indonesia Forum Foundation

Indonesia 2030 Vision for Banking and Non-Banking Financial Institutions 

 Philanthropic Grant (PG)

Liquidity Apex for Microfinance Institutions: Commercial Banks vs. Non-Banks

 Philanthropic Grant (PG)

Competition in Microfinance: Large Bank vs. BPR 

 Philanthropic Grant (PG)

Social Finance: Empowering people through finance 


 Collaboration with Bank Indonesia (With LPPM IPB) BPR

Mapping For BPR Industry Stratification

 Collaboration with Adelaide University

Islamic organization and women empowerment 

 Collaboration with Bank Indonesia

Regional persistent and unemployment in Indonesia and its alternative solutions using micro data

 Ministry of Public Housing, RI

Macroeconomic Impact on the Ability Financial Institutions to Deliver Subsidized Mortgage Loan   


 Collaboration With IFPRI and ILRI

Pro poor HPAI risk reduction strategies: Impact of HPAI on people’s livelihood

Quantitative analysis on the impact of HPAI on people’s livelihood.

Qualitative analysis on the impact of HPAI on people’s livelihood.

Cost Benefit analysis on HPAI control measures. 

Cost effectiveness analysis on HPAI control measures.

Implementation of an Impact Assessment of HPAI Control. 

Measures (Vaccination Strategies) On Livelihoods within Indonesia. 

 Collaboration with IFC – World Bank Group

Indonesia Microfinance Industry Mapping

 Collaboration with FAO

Social Economic Study of Poultry Market Restructuring in Jakarta

 University of Adelaide, Australia

Islamic Organization and Women’s Empowerment in Indonesia


 Ministry of Public Housing, RI

Technical Recommendation for Mortgage Insurance Schemes in supporting Mortgage Credits in Indonesia


 Sarana Multigriya Financial

Feasibility study of Mortgage Guarantee in Indonesia

 Bappepam-LK and SEADI USAID

Comparative Study on Regulation and Supervision of Non-Bank Lenders

 Economic Think-Tank

Development of Economic Early Warning System for Indonesia.

 PT Good Year

Preparation of PT Good Year Business Expansion Plan


 Gunung Bara Utama

Community Needs and Pptential Assessment (Consultancy Service for Corporate Social Responsibility) (Jasa Konsultan CSR)

 Bappenas and SEADI USAID

Support to Bappenas on Financial Inclusion

 Philanthropic Grand

Resource Revenue Management and International Trade in Natural Resources



Green Prosperity Pillar Guidance in Indonesia

 Mahakam Ulu – Local Government

Feasibility Study of Mahakam Ulu District Office Center

 National Public Procurement Agency

Determination of Billing Rate Consulting Services


Training on Quantitative Method (Part of Financial Inclusion Study)

 Collaboration with Economics Post-Graduate Program (IPB)

Grand Launching of “Tricky Treex” Econometric Software.

 Collaboration with Department of Economics (IPB)

Lecture and Training in Econometric Modelling.

Multi Years Activities

 2005-present, Adelaide University

Research and Joint Publications.

 2007-present, Gottingen University

Research and Joint Publications.

 2005-2006, PT. Lippo Bank Tbk.

Risk Management Training level I and II.

2007- 2010, CIFOR

Developing microfinance scheme for agro-forestry community.

 2009-2010, Ministry of National Education, RI

Global Economic Crisis and Poverty in Indonesia (Competency Grant)

Microfinance Development: Solution for Poverty and Unemployment 

Poverty, Equality and Growth in Indonesia: Empirical Analysis and Policy Issues 

 2009-2011, IFAD

Effects of Bio-fuels on Agricultural Development, Food Security, Poverty and the Environment in Indonesia. 


 GoLive Indonesia conference InterCafe-IPB

– The theme of the conference is “Driving change through research on the Indonesian Development”.

 Collaboration with Department of Economics InterCafe-IPB.

Supervisory Board of Bank Indonesia (BSBI) organized a national conference.

 Collaboration with Economics Post-Graduate Program (IPB)

Launching the desk of Adelaide University-IPB, (AHLI).

 Collaboration among the three Institutions InterCafe-IPB.

– Two delegations from Rikkyo University and International University of Japan.

 PT. Bjb Bank Tbk.

– Research and potential  of micro credit associated with the main shop area BJB in Western Java, Banten,  and Jakarta.

 2013-2014, Indonesian Development Research Network Research Grant Australia Nasional University-SMERU research institute pundi Aplication

Local milk for local schools promoting food security by linking school milk programs(LSMP), with doing industry development in Indonesia.

 2014, -LPS

– Kajian Evaluasi Sistem Pemeningkatan Erly Warniy System(EWS) dan cadangan klaim penjaminan – kerjasama penelitian dengan LPS.

ACIAR dan InterCafe

Improving small famer participation in supermarket channels : perceptions of supermarket buyers kerjasama ACIAR dan InterCafe-IPB.

 OJK dan InterCafe

– Launching Program Magister Join Degree “Financial Crime”. Jum’at, 30 Mei 2014. kerjasama OJK, InterCafe, dan Departemen Ilmu Ekonomi IPB.

– Seminar Nasional “Pengembangan dan Pengawasan Lembaga Keuangan Mikro. Jum’at, 30 Mei 2014. kerjasama OJK, InterCafe, dan Departemen Ilmu Ekonomi IPB.

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