International Center for Applied Finance and Economics (InterCAFE) is a research and training center under the Institute of Research and Community Empowerment (LPPM) of Bogor Agricultural University, with special focus on economic and finance issues.  The main focus of research and training conducted by InterCAFE is economic and financial. InterCAFE formally established since 2005 as a form of support for the vision and mission of IPB in the field of research and community empowerment. Various studies have been conducted by the cooperation both with InterCafe International institutions and domestic. As an example of cooperation that has been done at the international level is interCAFE with Adelaide University, Australia and the Georg August University of Gottingen, Germany, Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), and others. As at the domestic level, cooperation is carried out by the Deposit Insurance Agency (LPS), Bank Indonesia, Bappenas, West Java Bank (BJB), Pertamina, and others.

In the process, InterCAFE is known both nationally and internationally as a research institution that focuses on economic issues, especially in the economic field and finance.The last ten years, InterCAFE has produced several studies that were related to the issue of monetary economics, macroeconomics development, microfinance , Islamic economics, finance resources and agricultural economics, poverty, environmental economics, regional economics, industry and trade, institutional development, and risk management.

The research conducted by InterCAFE is a form of contribution in determining the direction of national economic policy. In the last few years, application-based policy research has been done by the developed countries. However, in the case of developing countries, research-based studies have not been done by policymakers. Davies (2004) states that the policy-based research is an approach to aid policy decisions through accurate information of evidence-based research that happens in real life. One of the problems to implement research-based policy is the amount of funds needed for research. On the one hand, the allocation of research funds in Indonesia from the state budget is still small. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) reported that, compared to China and India that budget research in 2008 was respectively 1.5% and 0.8% of gross domestic product (GDP), while Indonesia only allocates of 0.05% of GDP. Therefore, efforts to promote research based policy in national development should continue to be done.

The 10th Anniversary of InterCAFE  is one of the efforts made by InterCAFE to promote research-based policy on economic sector in Indonesia. The 10th Anniversary of InterCAFE consists of three series of events: the International Conference, Writing a Scientific Papers Competition and Publishing a book containing articles written by InterCAFE researchers.