Working Rooms 

1. Director

2. Administration staff

3. Researchers

4. Foreign Expert

5. Meeting and Seminar

6. Guest

Class Room 

The Institute of Research and Community Empowerment, IPB coordinates rooms for training and located in different places in Bogor.

Office Facilities 

1. Note book for every researcher

2. Local Area Net Work

3. Wi Fi Internet connection (broad band, 24 hours)

4. Latest analytical software

5. Personal Computer

6. Facsimiles

7. Telephone (wireless)

8. Digital library

All facilities can be utilized in order to enhance the research quality and comfortable environments for researchers.



Working Papers

Monetary Economics

No. Title Year of Publication
1 Inflation Targeting in Indonesia: Trade-off and Strategy.InterCAFE Working Paper Series no 25.International Center for Applied Finance and Economics, Bogor Agricultural University. 2006
2 Open-Economy Inflation Targeting: Commitment vs. Discretion.Inter-CAFE Working Paper Series no 22.International Center for Applied Finance and Economics, Bogor Agricultural University. 2006
3 Which Inflation Should We Target? InterCAFE Working Paper Series no 23.International Center for Applied Finance and Economics, Bogor Agricultural University. 2006
4 Inflation Targeting Vs. Output Targeting in a Small Open Economy.InterCAFE Working Paper Series no 24.International Center for Applied Finance and Economics, Bogor Agricultural University. 2006
5 “Exchange Rate Stabilization: a non-conventional approach”, August 2005, InterCAFE Working Paper Series no 17. International Center for Applied Finance and Economics, Bogor Agricultural University. 2005
6 IWP/011/2005 Siregar, R. and G. Rajaguru. “Sources of Variations Between The Inflation Rates of Korea, Thailand and Indonesia During The Post-1997 Crisis”, 2005. 2005
7 IWP/010/2005 Siregar, R. “Incidences of Speculative Attacks on Rupiah During The Pre- and Post-1997 Financial Crisis”, 2005. 2005
8 IWP/009/2005 Siregar, R. and R. Rajan. “Exchange Rate Policy And Reserve Management In Indonesia In The Context Of East Asian Monetary Regionalism”, 2005. 2005
9 IWP/008/2005 Chowdhury, A. and Iman Sugema. “How Significant and Effective has Foreign Aid to Indonesia been?”, 2005. 2005
10 IWP/007/2005 Siregar, H and Bert D. Ward, “Can Monetary Policy/Shocks Stabilize Indonesian Macro-Economic Fluctuations ?”, 2005. 2005
11 IWP/004/2005 Sugema, I, “Aid and Fiscal Behaviour in Indonesia: The case of lazy government”, 2005. 2005
12 IWP/003/2005 Uang atau Kredit : Menuju Paradigma Baru Kebijakan Moneter, 2005. 2005
13 IWP/001/2005 Oktaviani, R, Sahara “Dampak Kenaikan Harga Bahan Bakar Minyak Terhadap Sektor Pertanian, Agroindustri Dan Rumah Tangga Pertanian Di Indonesia”, 2005. 2005


Agricultural Economics

No. Title Year of Publication
14 IWP/018/2005 Arifin, B. “Supply-chain of Natural Rubber in Indonesia”, 2005. 2005
15 IWP/017/2005 Arifin, B. “Promoting Investment and Technological Change in Indonesia Agriculture”, 2005. 2005
16 IWP/016/2005 Arifin, B. “From Remarkable Success to Troubling Present : The Case of BULOG in Indonesia”, 2005. 2005
17 IWP/015/2005 Arifin, B. “Institutional Perspectives of Lifescape Co-Management : Lessons Learned from RUPES Sites in Indonesia”, 2005. 2005
18 IWP/014/2005 Arifin, B. “Decomposing the Performance of Indonesian Agriculture”, 2005. 2005
19 IWP/013/2005 Hakim, D.B. “The Impact of Multilateral Trade Liberalisation on Agricultural Trade”, 2005. 2005
20 IWP/012/2005 Hakim, D.B. “Indonesia’s Food Security Policies in the Changing Paradigms”, 2005. 2005


International Trade

No. Title Year of Publication
21 IWP/006/2005 Sugema, I, “The Determinants of Trade Balance and Adjustment to the Crisis in Indonesia”, 2005. 2005
22 IWP/002/2005 Oktaviani, R, “Implications Of Apec Trade Liberalisation And Other Changes For The Indonesian Economy”, 2005. 2005


Banking and Finance, Microfinance, and Poverty 

No. Title Year of Publication
23 IWP/005/2005 Sugema, I, “Bank Failures in Indonesia: Bad banking or bad luck?”, 2005. 2005
24 IWP/001/2010 Anggraeni, L., N. Nuryartono., T. Anggraenie., I.Sugema., S.Klasen. 2010. The Dynamic of Regional Poverty and Inequality in Indonesia. Working Paper. InterCAFE 2010

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