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2012 – 2013             Student at Economics Post Graduate Program, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia.

2004 – 2008             Bachelor Level, Economics, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia, 2008.


Employment Experience

2007 – Now                Research Assistant, International Center for Applied Finance and Economics   (InterCAFE) LPPM-IPB


Key Qualification

Mr. Sigit Yusdiyanto hold a Bachelor degree from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). He has 4 years’ experience in the field/research on applied finance and economics particularly related to development economics. He actively conducts collaborated research with international and national research partners such as Central Bank of Indonesia, IFC, Sarana Multigriya Finance (SMF), ILRI, EC-Think, etc. He has strong qualitative and quantitative analytical skill. His experiences and accumulated knowledge supports roles in his research related activities. His responsibility mainly assist team leader in data analysis and writing report.


Research Experience

2013               Studi Kelayakan Pembangunan Pusat Perantoran Kabupaten Mahakam Ulu, Propinsi Kalimantan Timur

2013               PFS Natural Resource Management – NREL

2012               Support to BAPPENAS on Financial Inclusion

2012               Survei Gali Potensi PT Gunung Bara Utama

2011               Early Warning System: Economic Modelling

2011               Financial Stability Index

2011               Feasibility Study of Mortgage Guarantee

2010               Cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Housing

Technical input of Home Ownership Loan through Mortgage Insurance

2010               The Ministry of National Education Grants for International Cooperation Poverty, Equality and Growth in Indonesia: Empirical Analysis and Policy Issues

2010               Impact of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) on Indonesian Economy


Training Experience


  • Feb, 2011 – Dec, 2012              :     Training Early Warning System–Indonesia Macroeconomy. InterCAFE-LPPM IPB. Bogor
  • July 27-29, 2011                        :     The Essentials of Residential Mortgage Banking Best Practices With Legal Land Aspect. SMF-Indonesia and HDFC-India. Jakarta. Indonesia
  • 2010                                           :     Training Computable General Equilibrium. InterCAFE-LPPM IPB. Bogor
  • 2009                                           :     Training on the Methodology of Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) and Value Chain Analysis (VCA). The Pro-Poor HPAI Risk Reduction Strategies Research.



  1. Nuryartono, N., Rosita, Rima and Yusdiyanto, S. Building a Microfinance Institution in Indonesia: Solutions to overcome the problem poverty and unemployment. 2010. Scientific Writing Paper.
  2. Kusumowardani, N., Vitayala, A and Yusdiyanto, S. Empowerment of Women in Gender Equality. 2010. Scientific Writing Paper.
  3. Yusdiyanto, S. Impact of Regional Autonomy on Economic Growth and Development of Electricity Production Capacity in Eastern Indonesia. 2008. Bachelor Thesis. IPB



Bahasa (Native), English (fluent)

REFERENCES            :

Name              : Iman Sugema

Organization   : InterCAFE

E-Mail             :

Telephone      : +622518377896


Name              : Hermanto Siregar

Organization   : Vice Rector in Bogor Agricultural University

E-Mail             :

Telephone      : +622518377896


Name              : Nunung Nuryartono

Organization   : InterCAFE

Economics Post Graduate Program, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

E-Mail             :

Telephone      : +622518377896

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