Research Programs : 2013

Assignment Name : Green Prosperity Pillar Guidance in Indonesia Country:  Indonesia

Location within Country : Jambi, Makasar (Mamasa, Mamuju)

Name of Client : Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC; Management and Operating Contractor for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Name of senior professional staff of function performed: Iskandar Z. Siregar as Project ManagerNunung Nuryartono as Principal Investigator
Narrative Description of Project
Assignment Name : PFS Natural Resource Management  Country:  Indonesia

Location within Country : Jambi, Sulawesi Barat

Name of Client : NREL-MCAI Name of senior professional staff of function performed: NunungNuryartono as Team Leader
Narrative Description of Project  Poverty rate in Indonesia is high in the rural areas with abundant natural resources. However, the richness of natural resources without adequate management can threaten Indonesian ability to sustain high economic growth and reduce poverty. In order to protect Indonesian natural resources while at the same time must be able to cope with the problems of economic and social relations, it must be available a variety of alternative economic activities that are not only sustainable in environmental aspect, it should have economic value in a sustainable way for the community. This reseach aims to find activities that have strong links with the main activities undertaken by the local community but with better natural resource management and land use practices. In other words, the  activities should be able to increase productivity and at the same time optimizing the use of renewable energy, sustainable natural resource management and sustainable land use practices.
Assignment Name : Feasibility Study of Centre Governmnet Offoces of Mahakam Ulu District Country:  Indonesia

Location within Country : Regional Governmnet of  Mahakam Ulu District- East Kalimantan Province

Name of Client : Mahakam Ulu District Name of senior professional staff of function performed: Nunung Nuryartono as Project Director/ Coordinator
Narrative Description of Project  The objective of the study is to To determine eligibility and determine the level of Regional Development Office for the Central District Government Mahakam Ulu are reviewed from various aspects of the study

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