Dr. Lukytawati Anggraeni, S.P, M.Si


Name of Expert : Dr. Lukytawati Anggraeni SP, M.Si
Date of Birth : December 13th, 1977
Country of Citizenship / Residence : Indonesia


Bogor Agricultural University, Bachelor Degree of Agriculture (2000)
Agricultural Economics, Bogor Agricultural University, Master of Science (2003)
Agricultural and Resource Economics, Tokyo Univeristy Japan, Doctor (2009)

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2015-now Head of Graduate Program of Economics, Bogor Agricultural University (Experts)

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Indonesia Organize in Academic Activities of economic students and has Teaching Experience in

·         Macroeconomics

·         Microeconomics

·         Monetary & Finance of Economics

·         Agricultural Economics

2010 Coordinator Ministry on Economy, Policy Coordination on Food Subsidy (Raskin) to Low Income People.


For references:

Indonesia Advisory in economic policy of food subsidy (Raskin) to low Income People based on Microeconomic theory approach. Making some analysis and advise to determine of food subsidy value to low Income People and advise in mechanism distribution of subsidy.
2010 Ministry of Trade. Feasibility Study of FTA Agreement Indonesia-Turki, Indonesia-Pakistan and Indonesia-Mesir


For references:

Indonesia Analysis in feasibility of agreement Indonesia-Turki, Indonesia-Pakistan, and Indonesia-Mesir based on benefits which is would be gained by each country, prospect in the future trade based on this agreement, and risks faced by each countries based on this agreement.
2011. British Council. Macroeconomics Analysis of Mitigation in Peat Land Studies (Experts)


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Indonesia Analysis of macroeconomic impact due mitigation in Peat land such as analysis in change of Indonesian GDP, change of Labour force, etc
2014 World Bank. Spillover effect of PNPM-Environtment to Rural Indonesia (Experts)


For references:

Indonesia Analysis the impact of PNPM Spill over to rural Indonesia condition, such as analysis impact in development of rural Indonesia, impact to microeconomic condition in rural Indonesia, etc.
2016 Ministry of Agriculture. Impact of Agricultural Subsidy to Microeconomic, Sectors and Income Distribution (Experts)

For References:

Indonesia Analysis the impact of agricultural subsidy to microeconomic condition in rural of Indonesia
2018 Kyoto University. Agricultural and Rural Finance in Java, Indonesia: Towards More Financial Inclusion (Experts)

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Indonesia Analysis of Agricultural and rural Finance in value chain approach from farmers to end user in Indonesia

Membership in Professional Associations and Publications:

International South East Asia Agricultural Science Association- ISAAS (member)
Agricultural Economic Society of Japan- AESJ (member)
Indonesia Agricultural Science Association- IASA (Vice General Secretary 2006-2008)
Agricultural Economist of Indonesia-Perhepi (member
International Regional Science Association-IRSA (member)

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Bahasa, Japanese, and English

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