Muhammad Mulya Tarmizi, S.E, M.Si




Personal Data

Name Muhammad Mulya Tarmizi, S.E, M.Si
Nationality Indonesian
Sex Male
Home Address Jalan Tawakal IV/A No. 18 RT 005/009 Tomang, Grogol Petamburan West Jakarta
Mobile/Email Address Tel : +6283819051726 Fax: +62 251-8377896, +62 251-8348903/E-mail:


Formal Education

  • 2017 – 2019 Master of Economics Post Graduate Program, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia.
  • 2013 – 2017 Bachelor Level, Islamic Economics, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia, 2013.

Informal Education

  • Certified of International English Language Test (IELTS) Lingua Education Jakarta
  • Certified of IGCSE and A level of Cambridge University, [Branch of 78 Int’l Senior High School of Jakarta] London, United Kingdom

Employment Experience

  • 2017 – Now  Junior of Researcher Fellows, International Center for Applied Finance and Economics (InterCAFE) LPPM-IPB


Key Qualification

Mr. Mulya Tarmizi hold an Economic Bachelor degree from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). He has 1 years’ experience in the field/research on applied finance and economics particularly related to development economics, and Islamic Economic. He actively conducts collaborated research with international Development Bank, Center of Islamic Business and Economics Trainee of Bogor Agricultural University (Cibest-IPB), Re-Insurance ReIndo Islamic Insurance, and Economic Council of Nahdlatul Ulama (LPNU-PBNU) . Specialized in Econometrics, Panel Data, Cross-Sectional Data, and Regression.

Research Experience

  • Sep, 2016 – Dec, 2016 Mapping of Potential Growth Islamic Insurance in Indonesia (Supported by Re-Indo Syariah and Islamic Economic Department of Bogor Agricultural University
  • Aug-2017, Enumerator research of “Sustainability and Profitablility of Cocoa-based Farming Systems in Indonesia” by Australian-Indonesian Center and ellaborated with InterCAFE


Training Experience and Workshop


  • Feb, 2015 – Dec, 2016   : Training of Index Zakat Nasional by Baznas
  • June 2016                        : The role of Islamic Financial Institution and It’s Impact to poverty Alleviation (Supported by Islamic Development Bank and Islamic Economic Department of Bogor Agricultural University)



  1. Effendi, Jaenal. Mulya, Tarmizi, . 2017. Analysis of Financing Program of Islamic Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) to Farmers’ Revenues. Journal Of Indonesia Economic and Banking, University of Gajah Mada



Bahasa (Native), English (fluent), Arabic (Good)


Name : Jaenal Effendi

Organization : InterCAFE

Head Of Islamic Economic Department, Bogor Agricultural University

E-Mail :


Name : Nunung Nuryartono

Organization : InterCAFE

Economics Post Graduate Program, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

E-Mail :

Telephone : +622518377896