DSC_9776Grand Launching “TrickytreeX” on 7 December2013 in Pangrango Hotel, Bogor. This is the First Econometric Software in Asia developed by Dr. Iman Sugema and Benny Kapri. Dr. Iman Sugema is a senior lecturer at Department of Economics Bogor Agricultural University and a senior researcher at InterCafe. The launching was attended by researchers and lecturers from a various institutions and universities in Indonesia.



dscn2970GoLive Indonesia conference on 14 March 2014 in InterCafe-IPB Bogor. This is the first conference that GoLive Indonesia conducted in Indonesia since it is usually conducted in Adelaide, Australia. The theme of the conference is “Driving change though research on the Indonesian Development”. The keynote speech in the conference was Dr. Iman Sugema and five early career researchers from IPB  including Dr. Sahara, Dr. EkaPuspitawati, Dr. AmzulRifin, Dr. Muhammad Najib, and Dr. Jaenal Effendi. The conference was also attended by Dr. Nunung Nuryartono, Director of InterCafe and Dr. RistiPermani, Representation of GoLive Indonesia at The University of Adelaide.


Download :


IMG_1382On 24 March 2014, InterCafe-IPB collaborating with Supervisory Board of Bank Indonesia (BSBI) organized a national conference “The role of Indonesian Central Bank (Bank Indonesia) in the Regional Economic Development in Indonesia”. The conference presented five keynote speakers, Dr. Arif Budimanta (Parliamentary member), Dr. Fadhil Hasan (Member of BSBI), Dr. Dian Ediana Rae (Director of Bank Indonesia in the Region of West Java and Banten), and Dr. Iman Sugema (Senior researcher at InterCAFE-IPB) with  Dr. Nunung Nuryartono,  Director of InterCafe , as the conference moderator.  Dr. Umar Juoro, Director of BSBI and Dr. Anas M. Fauzi, IPB Vice Chancellor, officially opened the conference.

Download :–peran-bank-indonesia-harus-diperluas

IMG_2001Launching the desk of Adelaide University-IPB, Adelaide Hub for Learning Indonesia (AHLI) on 27 March 2014. The launching  was symbolic done by opening logo both universities by Prof. Bebbington, President University of Adelaide, and Prof. Hery Suhardiyanto, Rector IPB. The launching was also attended by Prof. Anderson (Pro Vice Chancellor, Adelaide University), Prof. Findlay (Executive Dean Faculty of Profession, Adelaide University), Associate Prof. Rosser (Chair IKCC), Prof. Anas M Fauzi (Vice Rector IPB), Dr. Dedi Budiman Hakim (Head of Department of Economics IPB) and all researchers at InterCafe.


– On 28 March 2014, two delegations from Rikkyo University, Prof. Noriyoshi Shiraishi and International University of Japan, Prof. Takahiro Akita visited InterCafe-IPB to initiate potential collaborations among the three Institutions.  Among potential collaborations discussed include Joint research and publication, double degree program, summer/winter courses, and student exchange.


– On 2 April 2014, Initiative Visitation from shaun coffey & associaty Australia.


Kuliah Umum “Money Laundering and Coruption” Program Pascasarjana Ilmu Ekonomi Departemen Ilmu Ekonomi Fakultas Ilmu ekonomi dan Manajemen Institut Pertanian Bogor(IPB).




untitledLaunching Program Magister Join Degree “Financial Crime”. Jum’at, 30 Mei 2014. kerjasama OJK, InterCafe, dan Departemen Ilmu Ekonomi IPB.





Seminar Nasional “Pengembangan dan Pengawasan Lembaga Keuangan Mikro”. Jum’at, 30 Mei 2014. kerjasama OJK, InterCafe, dan Departemen Ilmu Ekonomi IPB.




– Improving small famer participation in supermarket channels : perceptions of supermarket buyers kerjasama ACIAR dan InterCafe-IPB.


– Riset Potensi & Market Share Kredit Mikro Utama terkait dengan adanya Waroeng BJB di wilayah Jawa Barat, Banten & DKI Jakarta-kerjasama penelitian dengan Bank BJB.


– Kajian Evaluasi Sistem Pemeningkatan Erly Warniy Sistem(EWS) dan cadangan klaim penjaminan kerjasama penelitian dengan LPS.


– Local Milk for local school? Promoting food security by lingking School Milk Programs(SMPS), with dairy industri development in Indonesia. Indonesia Development Research Network.

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