International Seminar of Cacao 2017


International Center for Applied Finance and Economic (Intercafe) LPPM IPB Proudly Presents.”Intrenational Seminar 2017 “Sustainability and Profitability of Cacao In Indonesia” We could discuss about development of Cacao with the best following speakers.

Keynote Speech : Ir. Bambang, MM (Directorate General of Plantation Ministry of Agriculture)

  1. Panel Session and Discussion
    1. Prof David Guest (The University of Sydney)
    2. Nunung Nuryartono, Ph.D (Director of InterCAFE IPB)
    3. Dr. Grant Vinning (The University of Sydney)

The Seminars would be held on

  1. Date  :Monday, Dec 11th 2017
  2. Time : 08.00 A.M – 13.00 P.M
  3. Place : EDTC PKSPL IPB Baranangsiang

For Registration please contact to

Noening 081382777079

Devi 085693776382

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