International Seminar 2017 by InterCAFE-LPPM IPB

It is interesting to note that the entry of the Industrial Revolution of the generation of 4.0 has and will change the constellation of human civilization, including the employment. The readiness of human resources is a necessary condition to be able to continue to adapt in rapid changes. The readiness of Indonesian human resources are important to enter and be able to compete with other developed world nations should be given attention. Given that the Indonesia Rank in the acquisition of US Patents is also in line with Indonesia’s rank in the level of technological readiness as released in World Competitiveness Report 2015/2016. Based on the report, Indonesia’s technological readiness level in ASEAN region is under Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Phillippines.

International Center for Applied Finance and Economics (InterCAFE) -LPPM. IPB as one of the centers located at Bogor Agricultural University views that the problems and challenges ahead that Indonesia faces to become a developed country that put forward innovation, technology and skill of the workforce will be more complex. IPB as a center of excellence has critical thoughts to be contributed to policy makers related to issues and problems that have been previously submitted. InterCAFE-LPPM IPB with University of Adelaide and Flinders University as an active consortium conducting various activities related to human resource development through research and education activities. In response to the rapid changes and dynamics that occur in a global context, particularly since the Industrial Revolution 4.0, it is necessary to hold an International Seminar on Themes: Technology, Skill and Innovation in the Global Context: Implication for Indonesian Economy. The Event would be Held on:

  • Date/Time :October 10th 2017/  08.00 – 12.00 A.M
  • Place : Hall room of Pusat Kajian Sumberdaya Pesisir dan Lautan (PKSPL) Baranang Siang Campus of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)
  • Speakers of the Seminar:
    • Kwynote Speech : Pungky Sumadi, MCP, Ph.D (Deputi Menteri PPN/ Kepala Bappenas Bidang Kependudukan dan Ketenagakerjaan)
    • Nunung Nuryartono, Ph.D Director of InterCAFE. Institut Pertanian Bogor
    • Prof Shandre Thangavelu Associate Professor, University of Adelaide Regional Director – Southeast Asia – CIES
    • Prof Kostas Mavramaras National Institute of Labour Studies (NILS) Director

The Seats of Seminar are Limited for 100 people only, to registrate yourself can be clicked the following link Registration

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